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Tree, Plant and Rock Models Just Got Easy

Our software, Forester Pro and Medusa Pro, make it easy to create your own unique 3D models of trees, plants, flowers and rocks. Free versions of the software are available.

Who We Are

We make tools for windows to help create assets for 3D applications such as computer games. Our products are designed to streamline development of games, MODs and 3D animations to make it more fun to do them, and make it easier to actually finish them. Each of our products has a lite version that includes real freebies, as well as being a showcase for the full version of the application. Should you like the free version then at $30.00 for an indie license the fully registered software won't break your budget.

Our Software and Free Stuff

We prefer our software to do the talking so you can download a free lite version and just try it. Using the lite version you can make and export unlimited numbers of randomly generated tree, plant, flower, and rock 3D models in FBX, Collada and X formats, together with all the fiddly collision meshes, LODs and vertex colours. If you want to see what others say about us, just search for Forester Pro and Medusa Pro in google and look at the forums of Unity, UDK, TT3D and Dark Basic. You'll find our 3D model trees, plants and rocks in greenlit products on Steam (e.g. Airship Dragoon ).

See what Forester Pro and Medusa Pro can do and download free versions.

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