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About Us

HPTWare stands for "Happy Tortoise" software. We are a team of independent coders who have been making and modding computer games simply because it is fun. We are probably like you. We've been creating tools to make developing games quicker and even more fun, because the best thing is actually finishing a game. We've decided to make our game development tools available to everyone.

Our Guarantee

We are becoming grumpy old guys, so we don't like demo or trial software that doesn't give anything free, has annoying reminders and upgrade screens, and has stupidly short durations. We don't want to annoy you like we get annoyed so we guarantee that our software will:

  • Work - it will do what it is supposed to do...and if it has any bugs (no one is perfect)..we will fix them.
  • Have real free stuff - every "lite" version will be useful, it will give you something free that you actually want.
  • The truth upfront - you won't download our software and find it doesn't really do what we said.
  • It won't have stupid windows intended to annoy you into buying the software. We really hate those.
  • No registration and endless advertisements by email.
  • Buying our Software

    We think that our software will speak for itself and is worth a few was certainly a lot of work. If you find it useful, buy it. Most of our software will even allow you to earn money yourself and should pay for itself if you want it too. Buying our software will also ensure we continue to develop more tools, stuff you will really like, including lite versions with real freebies...otherwise we'll need to spend more time doing proper work...which we really don't want to do. Go on, support a bunch of guys working in their basement. Prove their partners wrong. We need to stick together.


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