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Purchase Forester Pro

Purchasing a license will allow you to unlock all the powerful features of Forester and to earn revenue from your creations using Forester. License options are:

  • Indie Solo License. Limits use by single user development team but allows multiple computers. Cost: $20 USD.
  • Indie Enterprise License. Usage limited to development teams of 4-13. Cost $100 USD.
  • Enterprise License. Usage on development teams with 14 or more individuals. Cost $500 USD.

    License Options

    Payments are through PayPal for your security. You can pay with a credit/debit card without having a PayPal account. Once PayPal have confirmed your transaction you will receive your registration code by email, typically within a few minutes. Before buying Forester please download and test it is suitable for your purposes. Forester is provided as is and no refunds are possible once a serial has been issued. Registration will unlock all features of the version of Forester you have already downloaded.

    Secured by PayPal

    Purchase Tree Packs for Forester Pro

    Tree packs provide templates to generate randomised tree models in Forester and are 10 USD each. The tree packs can be downloaded from the download page and require a registration code to install. The registered version Forester Pro is required to use tree packs. You can purchase a registration code below:

    Purchase African Savannah Tree Pack

    Purchase Australia Pack 1

    Purchase Autumn Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Cartoon Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Conifer Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Conifer Tree Pack 2

    Purchase Jungle Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Meadow Grass Pack

    Purchase Palm Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Temperate Plant Pack 1

    Purchase Temperate Tree Pack 1

    Purchase Temperate Tree Pack 2

    Purchase Wild Flower Pack 1

    Summary Terms and Conditions

    Forester Pro licenses entitle the user to usage of the application and the use of produced models in 3D software and asset packs. Use of graphics and models as part of a 3D model creator are prohibited except by express permission. For full EULA please see the installation package.


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