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Forester in a Nutshell

Unique 3D Assets will make your product standout as truly original. Forester is a 3D model tree, shrub and grass maker that allows you to create unique, fully editable trees and foliage in seconds, all ready to port directly into your asset pipeline. Forester includes specific export for XNA, Unreal Development Toolkit (UDK), Unity, Torque3D and Dark Basic. Why buy tree models when you can make them?

Free Stuff

Forester lite is the free version of Forester and can generate an unlimited number of free randomly generated models of Maple, Oak, Simple Pine, Simple Palm, Jungle and Dead tree templates for developer purposes.

Tutorials and Examples

  • Video tutorials at
  • Over 70 predefined tree and plant templates in the Tree Parade and in our Tree Packs
  • Fully customisable, see the range of models created from a single template Custom Trees
  • What the Forums Say

    "I must say I'm loving this [Forester Pro]. I have used other tree creation programs out there and this has to be my favourite for ease of use alone I would give it 5 Stars out of 5" (Torque3D)

    "I'm amazed at how much better these trees look in Unity, than the tree creator ones. (Unity)

    "Damn; I wish this came out a few months ago; I've already bought three tree generator tools (Dark Basic)

    "I've had a play with the Lite/Demo version and thought it was fantastic. Nice, easy to use, idiot proof and hugely customizable." (Torque3D)

    "I love it, I have always needed this tool, you even put in options I didn't know I needed" (Torque3D)

    "My wife took this for a test run and finds it very easy to use." (Dark Basic)  

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