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Features of Forester

forester includes a wide range of powerful features to create exactly the unique tree, shrub and grass models for your application. Some features are only available in the registered version, however, forester Lite still has a powerful feature set to allow you to create unique trees. You can download and try forester for free.

Instant random generation from templates

Pro and Lite versions create randomly generated trees, shrubs and grass from included and custom templates allowing almost limitless variation. Included templates include Maple, Oak, Palm, Pine, Jungle and Cartoon trees.

Realtime editing of models

Forester Pro and Lite allows editing right down to individual vertexes. Move branches and leaves, rescale, rotate to generate exactly the tree, shrub or grass you want.

Custom templates

Forester Pro allows new custom tree, shrub and grass templates to be created from which models can be randomly generated. Trees may have up to five levels of branches, and multiple leaf meshes and textures. Grasses and small plants may be created with only leaf meshes.

Powerful deformation functions

Forester Pro features numerous functions to deform branches and leaves to generate unique trees, shrubs and grass. Functions can model gravity and wind-shear and generate gnarled and twisted trees.

Unique hiRes textures

Forester Lite and Pro come with a wide range of leaf and branch textures, however, you can also import and use your own textures on trees, shrubs and grasses. More textures and templates are also available for purchase and download from our purchase section.

Import your own leaf meshes

Custom meshes for leaves can be imported in collada format. Most 3D modelling software can export to collada.

Custom sections and profiles

The cross-sections and profiles of branches and trunks can be created using editors in forester to generate truly unique tree models.

Automatically generate LODs and Billboards

Forester Lite and Pro allows level of detail models and billboards to be created from models producing assets that will enhance the performance of your application.

Fallen trees

Forester Lite and Pro allow fallen trees with broken branches to be generated from tree models.

Fully featured help and tutorials

Forester comes with a full help file including tutorials on how to create your own custom models.

Export in collada, fbx, X and DBO format

Collada *.dae files are the industry standard and can be imported into Blender, Maya, 3DMax... virtually any 3D modelling software and then converted into whatever format you need for your asset pipeline. FBX,X and DBO export are available for Unity, UDK and Dark Basic.

Flexible export format

Group objects, export with collision mesh and bounding box.

Export DDS Images

Optionally export your textures as DDS images for optimal performance.

Export for Torque3D

The Torque3D export option creates collada format files with built in LOD models and collision meshes that are ready to be directly imported and used within Torque3D forester objects. The exporter also produces torque3D script files to make forester models slot right into the asset pipeline.

Export for Unity

The Unity export option creates collada and fbx format files that are ready to be directly imported and used within Unity and are fully compatible with Unity's terrain painter.

Export for Unreal Development Toolkit (UDK)

The Unity export option creates fbx format files that are ready to be directly imported and used within UDK.

Export for XNA

The Unity export option creates fbx format files that are ready to be directly imported and used within the XNA game development environment.

Export for Dark Basic

Forester can export tree models to DBO and X format for Dark Basic and Dark Basic Pro. It also generates a dba file for rapid implementation and testing.

Extra Templates Available

Template packs containing additional tree, shrub and grass templates can be downloaded and installed on the registered version of Forester. For more details on template packs see here.

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