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Medusa in a Nutshell

Medusa Pro is a 3D rock model creator which automatically generates unique boulders, crags, cliffs and even small caves for games and rendering projects. Medusa turns primitive shapes into realistic rock outcrop models based on real geological principles including fractures, joints, bedding and folding. Produced models can be customized in Medusa with a wide range of useful functions and per-vertex editing. Medusa models can be exported as X, Collada and FBX format with specific support for Dark Basic, GameGuru, Torque3D, UDK, Unreal Engine 4, Unity and XNA. Models can also be imported easily into popular 3D applications like Blender and 3ds Max from which they can be exported throught your existing asset pipeline.

Free Stuff

Medusa lite is the free version of Medusa and can generate an unlimited number of free randomly generated models of crags and boulders based on a several different primitives. On purchase of Medusa Pro you will also receive the reward version of Mr Normal.

Tutorials and Examples

  • Video tutorials at
  • Ten different presets are provided with Medusa and additional Rock Packs are available. You can also define your own custom templates.
  • Fully customisable, see the range of models created from a single template Custom Rocks
  • Introduction Tutorial


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