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Download Medusa

Download the installation package for Medusa for WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (in compatibility mode) from the link below as a zip file. Medusa Lite (unregistered version) can be used to generate and export randomised models from two templates. Creating new rock types and some editing functions are only available in the registered version Medusa Pro. Medusa requires Direct X 9.0c. Recommended system requirements are at least 4Gb RAM and high end graphics card to enable realtime editing. Medusa Lite can be upgraded to Medusa Pro with a registration key on purchase. Only a single download is needed.

 Download Medusa v1.03 (60Mb)

If you have already installed Medusa Pro you can update to version 1.03 using this installer

Download Rock Packs

Content packs with additional rock templates complete with high quality, high res textures for use in Medusa Pro. Rock Packs require the registered version of Medusa Pro and are $10 each. Every pack contains templates that can be used to generate numerous models.

 Download Beach Rock Pack 1

 Download Cliff Rock Pack 1

 Download Desert Rock Pack 1

 Download Ice Pack 1

 Download Mountain Rock Pack 1

 Download the free TGC Rock Pack

 Download Volcanic Rock Pack 1


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