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Medusa Features

Medusa Pro creates randomized rock models and allows generation of entirely unique models at the click of a button. Medusa also allows you to customize the properties of the rock which control the appearance of randomly generated models, and to edit individual models using a wide range of deformation functions and vertex editing. The best way to investigate Medusa Pro is to download the free version and play, however, a list of features is provided below just in case you aren't convinced it is worth trying out:

  • Creates randomized models with millions of possibilities
  • Generates LODs automatically
  • Generates collision meshes automatically
  • Allows editing of LODs and collision meshes
  • Exports for 3D editing applications such as Blender and 3DMax
  • Exports in X, Collada, FBX and DBO formats
  • Produces import ready models for Unity, UDK, Torque3D, Dark Basic and FPSC Reloaded.
  • Allows batch export of multiple random models
  • Includes diffuse, normal and specular textures
  • Allows easy customization of random model generation
  • Allows custom textures and materials
  • Has editing features including deformation functions (e.g. smooth, bevel, add cracks, twist etc) and vertex and normal editing
  • Can make boulders, crags, cliffs, arches, caves and columns/spires
  • Makes low to high (10,000s) poly models
  • Has a free version that allows you to export models
  • Is compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8
  • Can work in a windows emulator
  • Registered version produces royalty free models
  • Registered version isn't stupidly expensive
  • Introduction Tutorial


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