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Mr Normal Features

Mr Normal has a wide range of features to make generating normal and specular maps easy.

  • Generate normal maps from diffuse images
  • Set the effect of fine, medium and large features in the map
  • Reverse depth of the normal map
  • Can create a range of formats (e.g. y-up, y-down, x-right, x-left)
  • Generate normal maps from a combination of functions
  • Each function has numerous customizable properties to generate a wide range of maps
  • Allows existing normal maps to be modified
  • Batch Processing to allow generation of multiple maps.
  • Allows normal maps to be modified with drawing tools.
  • Diffuse image creation from normal maps.
  • Height map generation for parallax mapping.
  • Exports to JPG, BMP, PNG and DDS file formats.
  • Graphics acceleration for squared power of two images
  • Video Tutorial


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