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Mr Normal Version 1.01 Launched

We've been working hard and have just released our first updated version 1.01 of Mr Normal. The new version incorporates many new features requested by users and a massive performance enhancement. The new features are:

(1) Graphics Card Acceleration We've updated Mr Normal's engine to utilize the graphics card increasing the speed of normal map generation by up to 20x. A 2048x2048 normal map can be generated in less than 2 secs (depending on your graphics card). Acceleration requires a graphics card compatible with shader model 3.0 (this should be all but the oldest cards) and is available for processing of square power of 2 images (e.g. 128x128, 256x256...etc...4096x4096). On older graphics cards and for non square power of 2 images Mr Normal will still process images using the CPU.

(2) Height Map Generation Mr Normal can now export height maps along with normal and specular maps for use in parallax mapping. Height maps up to 1024x1024 are available in the Reward Version. There are no restriction on height map sizes in the Pro version.

(3) Shadowed Diffuse Image Generation Mr Normal now allows the generation of new diffuse textures. New textures are generated by combining the topography extracted from one diffuse texture, optionally combined with functions, and applied to a base diffuse texture. The concept is shown below and allows the simple generation of new diffuse textures. Shadowed Diffuse images up to 1024x1024 can be generated with the Reward Version.

(4) New Export Menu With more things to export, we've added a new export menu so you can select which items to export and any base diffuse image to be used to create shadowed diffuse images.

(5) Simplified Create Menu We've simplified the create menu by allowing you to toggle functions, as per users suggestions.

Mr Normal Launched (2/08/2014)

We've just launched Mr Normal, a normal map and specular map generator for windows. Mr Normal features:

  • Generate normal maps from diffuse images
  • Set the effect of fine, medium and large features in the map
  • Reverse depth of the normal map
  • Can create a range of formats (e.g. y-up, y-down, x-right, x-left)
  • Generate normal maps from a combination of functions
  • Each function has numerous customizable properties to generate a wide range of maps
  • Allows existing normal maps to be modified
  • Batch Processing to allow generation of multiple maps.
  • Allows normal maps to be modified with drawing tools.
  • Exports to JPG, BMP, PNG and DDS file formats.

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